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Posted on January 09 2018

Hello Gents! In this Armory post, we'll take a look at one of Allen Edmonds' most popular Ankle Boots of the season called the

HIGGINS MILL BOOT WITH DAINITE SOLE . For us, it's been a incredibly popular to the Gent Nation and a tremendous asset to our wardrobes for the current winter weather we are having! I personally love the simplicity & quality of this boot I think after this review, you'll see why! Enjoy! 


Proudly handcrafted in the USA of fine imported leathers at our Port Washington, Wisconsin factory with The  360 Degree Goodyear Welted Construction.
    The 360 Degree Goodyear Welted Construction is a 212 step process which Allen Edmonds' is famous for doing with all of their shoes. Here is an insert from Allen Edmonds' about the process: 
    When the leathers make it to our Port Washington, Wisconsin plant, it's like they are traveling back in time to an era when products took on the character and originality of the people who made them. While we've improved on using scissors and a needle and thread, we still have skilled workers with hands-on involvement in the cutting, fitting and sewing processes that are so fundamental to the creation of our shoes. This sort of attention to detail not only ensures a great fit but also creates the unmatched styling that shows up in the signature detailing of a pair of Allen Edmonds.
    After that, our veteran team begins the lasting procedure. Lasts are foot shaped molds around which each shoe is built. Because we have 50,000 lasts in 19 different shapes in all manner of lengths and widths, our professionals can craft shoes to match the contours of millions of feet.
    From there, an operator attaches a 360° Goodyear welt, a strong leather strip stitched around the shoe. Created in the United States in 1871, this process of joining the shoe's upper to its insole is labor intensive and more expensive than more modern cementing techniques. However, the durability of a Goodyear welted shoe is unmatched and provides the opportunity to re-craft the shoe down the line.
    But what good is a strong shoe that is perfectly tailored to the top of your foot if it doesn't look after your sole, perhaps the part of your foot that needs the most TLC? That's where we apply a layer of shock-absorbent cork between the insole and the outsole. This naturally ingenious cushioning-technique allows your sole to form an imprint in the cork, which acts as a comfortable cradle for your whole foot. The resulting imprint is totally unique to your foot shape and is part of the reason our shoes are so comfortable.
    Finally, the shoes move to the last stages of manufacturing. We've developed hand-finishing and polishing techniques that highlight the natural appearance of the leather while simultaneously protecting it from the elements. The shoes remain in the last for at least 24 hours to ensure that they hold their shape for a lifetime. From there, it's on to final inspection. We take quality control very seriously, because only the best of the best leave the factory with the Allen Edmonds insignia stamped into the heel of the insole." 


    The Higgins is constructed with a Stacked leather heel with all weather black Dainite sole that makes for incredible traction & comfort when walking through various terrain. 

    Another amazing feature of this series of Higgins is that this shoe comes in B, D, E & EEE widths! Pretty amazing and covers just about anyone making this an incredibly versatile staple for Allen Edmonds for the Winter Season. 

    If you're looking for a NEW, comfortable and incredibly versatile ankle boot for winter then I would strongly recommend the Allen Edmonds MILL BOOT WITH DAINITE SOLE 
      as part of your #GentRow ARMORY wardrobe.
    If you have any questions about styling fit or anything else please let us know by chat or reaching out to us at hello@GentRowcom .
    Always Best in Style | TB


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