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The New Pete Huntington - Bangka Island Sport Shirt

Posted on August 14 2017

Hello Gents! In this ARMORY Post, I'll show you one of our featured Indonesia inspired brands. They are one of our most popular short sleeve sport shirts and especially designed for the summer ! The fit's of their collection is comfortable and are even offered in Big & Tall sizes. Enjoy! 

The color palate is neutral using gray, taupe and brown tones which means pairing this with just about any colored pant or short bottom will be a breeze. Pete Huntington takes pride in the quality of each apparel.  They begin each fabrication from their fabric mill by selecting the finest yarn. Using 100% Primissima Combed Cotton construction is integrated with secret refinements to provide " unique finishing". The finishing isn't necessarily superiorly soft or light, however it's still considered tropical weight and breathable. 

Each shirt is hand crafted and brilliantly styled, mixing modern and traditional designs with a time-honored process.  Their belief in the workmanship of every piece is not just a matter of production, but a matter of artistry. 

Take a look at their production process in the  video below:

If your looking for additions to your Spring/ Summer sport shirts then this Pete Huntington shirt is an excellent choice. 

 I  highly recommend it as part of your #gentworthy Armory. 

If you have any questions about Styling of Fit then please let us know by Chat or reaching out to us at 

Always Best In Style | TB




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