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A New Spin On Silk & Cotton Suitings Made From Tropical Trees

Posted on May 24 2016

 Hello Gents! Even after centuries of men's suitings, it's still possible to reinvent the spindle! Scabal offers some of the best fabric selections in the world and as a manufacturer, I highly regard them as one of the top fabric mills offered today. Here is a fabric that I find to be very appetizing for the summer and I've made so many garments with it for my clientele. It's easily enjoyed because of it's incredibly comfortable for a jacket, suit or trousers with natural give that cotton is known for. Also, the hand is incredibly soft with a look of european sport when fully made and the twill gives it the semi gloss finish. It's ideal to use for a unstructured soft coat with patch pockets and to be worn both dressed and casual elegant. Enjoy learning about the Kapok collection and I hope you find the story as intriguing as I did! Always The Best In Style, Tim Beasley 

With spring in full swing, and summer fast approaching, it's a good idea to style your mid-season in a cloth that performs whatever the conditions. Scabal is proud to introduce our new Kapok collection, 19 fabrics that perfectly combine function with finesse.

To create this collection, Scabal has invented a whole new way to spin the “silk-cotton” threads that are produced by the mighty Kapok tree. These threads are used to float seeds upon the breeze, and provide buoyancy to its fruit, which is why you will find the tree across oceans, from Africa to South America and the Caribbean.

Available in a variety of shades, perfect for both spring and summer, the blend of cotton with these silky fibres has given the cloth a pleasing feel against the skin, and a solid texture. Each of these colourful cloths captures the globetrotting spirit of this brilliant botanical, and is the ideal material for the international lifestyle of the modern man. 

With a weight of 300g, alongside a Bedford cord that comes in at 270g, it is ideal for jacket for jackets, trousers, and even a full suit. The Kapok collection also offers a more formal drape than other modern cotton based cloths, yet does not sacrifice an ounce of comfort to achieve this.

Need guidance on your new fabric selection choice for your new suit? Contact a clothier today with great ideas on selections! 


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