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GENT Terminology : The "Drop" of Men's Suit Jackets

Posted on June 05 2016

Shopping for suits today can be incredibly confusing especially when most established designers offer multiple models of fits and sizing specifications. One of my most common questions are the "Drops" of the garments and how that translates to the fit. Below is a great article on explaining this.

Enjoy! - Tim 


The term "Drop" is used to denote a suit's silhouette. The drop of a garment means that the trouser waist is the chest measurement less the drop amount. For example, the above picture shows a size 52 cm which is 42 inches in jacket size. However, the Drop of the garment is 7 inches. ( "DROP 7" as seen in the picture) Thus the trouser waist is 42 - 7 which is a 36. Most regular garments made in "Inches" are made with with a regular Drop 6. This is the classic average fit for most men. The higher the drop means the more skinnier the suit. The less you go on the drop means that the garment becomes fuller and fuller for a more portly stature. 

Check inside your jacket. What's your Drop? 


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