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A Question From A Newbie: How Many Dress Shirts Should I Buy? More Than You Think!

Posted on January 18 2016

You've purchased your basic black, navy and charcoal grey suit. Esquire says that your basics are covered. Now what? How can I turn that into a wardrobe? GENT STYLE takes knowledge and the 'know how' of putting together shirt and tie combinations. However, lets analyze on how many shirts one may need to complete a overall suiting wardrobe. Hopefully you will eventually have more than five suits in your wardrobe so you don't have to wear the same suit more than once in a week. More on this later.... 

Regardless of where you live, you must have shirtings in both winter and summer climates. However, if your in the tropics then forget about that. So with that being said, how many dress shirts should I buy? The magic number is twelve! Yes, twelve! This allows you to keep five in the laundry each week and have seven more to wear during the work week. Most of our clients keep some fresh white or basic shirts in the office for the occasional coffee spill or ink pen splatter. How much would it cost you to leave the wrong impression by having soup on the front of your shirt while trying to close a deal in business? Probably worth the extra two to three shirts in your office. Right?!  No one can afford being underprepared. 


Firstly, stick to the solid basics. Three white, three to four blues and add some fancy fashion fabrics also. Depending on your work environment, high fashion fabrics can be a bit of a distraction to most. Make sure you are appropriate within your work space. In your off time, outside of being possibly penalized, kill it. Follow us at GENT LIVE and see the looks that are killing the streets and offices daily! 


Most style guides will tell you to go with the pales, light blue stripes, tone on tone stripes... Pretty boring! Check out the blue theme below: Stenstroms of Sweden

It's 2016 so pick your fashion fabrics according to so. Look for modern, smaller prints as they do well with tight patterned or solid ties. Look for contrasting button holes maybe with contrast inside the collar and cuff so that when office hours are over you can dress it down more casually with or without a jacket.  

Our opinion with us at GENT ROW is to be individualized and lead the casual-elegance dance with a more modern approach with undeniable sophisticated flair. 


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