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Gent Row Guide to Clothing Longevity

Posted on February 08 2016

In today's times we have become so busy with our everyday daily life. We all struggle with the life balance of work and personal activities. We are loaded with plenty of responsibilities and too much stress. This article was meant to help you to stay on top personal life in regards to clothing care. Clothing becomes part of us. It's with us through he bad and great times. Often, when you look into your wardrobe, maybe your closet, you see that sport shirt you purchased several years ago. Do you remember proposing to you wife with that sport shirt? Do you remember meeting one of your largest clients while wearing that sport shirt. Maybe you remember all of the compliments you received when wearing it last. With all of these memories, it's obvious that you will want to cherish  the memories and continue to make more memories with that sport shirt.

Better than a photo, the shirt or any article of clothing comes with both the look and the feeling on your skin as you put it on. It would be a shame to one day put on this special piece and find that it doesn't fit quite the same because it shrunk in the wash. Take a look below, let us help you continue making more memories. 

Here are a few tips on how to care for your clothing at home.

1) JEANS: Wash your jeans inside out to preserve the indigo dye on the surface and the structure of the cotton fibers. When washing, put water temperature on "COLD" wash and hang out to dry avoiding shrinkage from heated water and dryer temperatures. Once dried, steam or touch it up with a iron with steam to be pressed. ADD 3 YEARS

2) SWEATERS: Wash wool and cashmere by hand in cold water using knitwear-specific detergents like Woolite. Dry flat, spreading the sweater out. ADD 2 YEARS 

3) TIES: Roll your untied ties rather than hanging them. It allows the running stitch that constitutes the canvas of the tie to relax. ADD 5 YEARS 

4) SHIRTS: Never-Dry-Clean them. Have them laundered and hand-ironed if possible. Less pressing means less damage to the fibers which translates to less wear and tear. ADD 2 YEARS 

4) SHOES: Own at least three good pairs for work. Never wear a pair more than twice a week. Use shoe trees. ADD 20 YEARS 

5) SUITS: Store you out-of-season suits in airtight bags. Always store them hanging with hangers that have full shoulder ends to protect the canvasing from breaking at the shoulder seams. Use a lent roller often to remove linen that attracts moths. Steam regularly in between dry-cleanings to remove natural occurring creases from being worn. Try to dry-clean your coat a less as possible as it is not needed. ADD 15 YEARS 



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