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Major Components To Pull Off The "IN-BETWEEN" Suit

Posted on February 14 2016

The "in-between" suit is the medium between the work suit and the tuxedo. The lapels must be of modern times ( not big and bulky ) with a crisp silhouette and the fabric must have a glossed sheen for dim lighting appearances. When wearing the "in-between" make sure to compliment it with a shirt that is fresh and now worn down with exposed collar points. One piece of advice when determining the width of your collar spread is to look at the width of your lapel. The wider the lapel then the wider the spread. A narrow lapeled jacket will require a tighter collar spread and matched with a smaller height of the collar. 

The tie can also make a statement especially when entering an important event that demands attention. However, if you do skip the tie then make sure to accessorize with a pocket square to completely put your look together and add an extra oomph of flair or elegance. Consider your pocket square as your go-to when referring to twenty-first century accessories. It's the only item that can bring a look together in the worst of times and the one item that completely enhances a well put outfit to knock any event out of the park. When you decide to not wear a tie, the pocket square should be your go-to. Also, consider wearing a shirt that may offer some contrast inside the collar and coordinate colors from the suit and square. 

Make sure to consider your fabric choice wisely. Black Tie optional occasions require black suitings so your fabric choice should be one that dresses up more than a fabric that has a sporty pattern. Great choices for this would be herringbone tone on tone fabrics or flat black fabrics that has moderate sheen. 

If you have questions on your own fabric or suiting selections then contact us at . We would love to help!! 




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