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Question Answered: I'm losing my hair! What do I do?

Posted on February 18 2016

Hmmmm..... Live with it, plug it, put a rug over it or just shave it. Whatever you do you need to do it with confidence and live with your decision. Trying to conceal it will only draw attention and could result to snickering and possibly land a cover on Cosmo.


The worst thing you could ever do is to try and create length ( as seen above ) to hide thinning hair. The general rule of this is the realization that the longer it is, the skimpier it looks. If you were to cut your thinning hair just a little shorter and and clean it up around the sides then it will actually make your hair appear thicker. 

Other options would include joining the Dollar Shave Club and get to work every other day with a razor in one hand and a bucket of head shine in the other but it could add to our light pollution as seen in space year after year by NASA. If your too stubborn for that then get to know a good transplant professional. I believe there is also a prescribed medication that can show results fairly quickly. 




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