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Don't Hanging Your Coat To Death

Posted on February 21 2016

Some of the most common reasons for shoulder structure breakdown is from the type of hanger you're hanging your coat on. What's worse is the fact that every time you don't store your jacket on a proper hanger, you are cutting it's lifespan significantly. Your hangers must be as of the same quality as your suit if not better. For instance your hanger must have a thickness in the shoulders with a strong hook for stability. Reason being, if the hanger begins to bend in shape then so will the silhouette of your garment. You want your suit hanger to properly hang the garment much like it would hang on you and you cannot do this without thickness in the shoulders. Anything less will eventually make the garment look as if it is worn out and not able to fit you the same anymore. 

Never hang your jacket or blazer on the back of a chair, a bed post, a wire hanger or bare skin. 


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