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Question to GentRow: I was invited to a "White-Tie" Event. Please Help!

Posted on February 21 2016

Firstly, don't start freaking out on me! You are very fortunate to even receive an invitation to a white-tie event since most likely all of the attendees will be influential, in which the host must view you as part of the same community. This presents a great opportunity to build relationships for your future. 

When receiving an invitation that specifies "white tie" then usually the rules are inflexible. You will be wearing a traditional Black Tuxedo. ( Need one quick? TELL US HERE ) 

Here is a general checklist for preparation: 

  1. white bow tie in pique or some type of silk 
  2. white shirt with traditional pleated bib or maybe even no bib for a more contemporary look, make sure it is french cuffs for cufflinks 
  3. black tailcoat usually called "tails" with matching trousers with satin or grosgrain trim along the waistband and outseam of trouser
  4. studs (for most tuxedo shirts) and cufflinks 
  5. black dress socks 

There are some different variations to the white tie. Such as the type of tuxedo shirt and also the choice of grosgrain or satin trimmed trousers. However, for the most part the uniform is mostly well, like a uniform without any flexibility. A white tie affair is an event of the highest degree. 


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