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Suiting Seams: The Difference Between Hand-Sewn & Machine

Posted on March 06 2016

Some of the most expensive suitings in the world all have one common "thread", no pun intended. It's not necessarily the type of thread but it's the way the suit is constructed which has a certain amount of hand work as opposed to fully machine finished. Some of the benefits of having a hand finished garment are 

  • the suit will be much more resilient therefore more shelf life in your closet
  • will not feel stiff as do "glued or fused canvases" do 
  • hand finished garments are executed with much better silhouettes 
  • your suit will be much more comfortable on as with hand sewn garments allow better mobility 

Machine - Sewn seams are composed of "two threads" looped tightly around each other in a chain like pattern. They are sturdy but often puckers because of the tightness from the machine tension settings. This is clearly noticed when looking at a garment. The worst part about this is that the fabric stretches and eventually wears showing a discoloration or ill fit. 

Hand - Sewn seams are "single thread" wave like patterns woven in the fabric. Most skilled artisans execute this without puckering naturally giving the garment more resiliency to creasing and stretching than machine finished garments. 

There are only a few select designers that mass produce hand finished garments. At, we focus on more of this quality. Life is too short to be wearing a completely machine-sewn garment! 

Are you looking for a hand finished suit? Tell us what your looking for here : 


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