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Unlined Jackets: Why You Want One

Posted on March 13 2016

Everyone should know what a fully lined jacket looks like. It is most commonly seen with every label including lower end labels as it is much easier to make a fully lined jacket compared to unlined. Reason being, the finish of the jacket must be finished "clean" as there is nowhere to hide unfinished seams and incomplete internals. With a unlined jacket, the internals are completely in sight and therefore leave plenty of room for speculation and judgement.

For us, in South Florida, unlined jackets are more of the norm. The benefits of having a shirt-weight jacket in the middle of July is priceless. Mohair blended fabrics are more desired as it adds a little stiffness for both drape and non-wrinkling resiliency. Most models like these one are constructed with soft shoulder construction which is a term used with light flexible canvas that easily moves with you. 

The best part about making unlined jackets for our customers is the variety of fabrics and pocket specifications can really change your whole look. For instance a "patch pocket" jacket will give you the ability to dress both down or up in a more casual elegant setting. 

If your looking for a comfortable summer look then consider a unlined jacket in your wardrobe. You won't regret it! 

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  • Gent Row: March 27, 2016

    Thanks JJ! Check out our new Luciano Barbera sport coats. We offer one in a solid navy right now and it is in a Drop 7 athletic cut. If you are a 42 with most brands then get that one. If the sizing doesn’t work out as you may need a size up or down then it is not a problem to exchange for the correct size.


    This fabric is also great for travel and is perfect for summer! 100% wool and hand finished with light full canvasing. It can be worn both dressed or casual elegant as it is made with patch pockets for a european sport pairing with jeans! I hope you enjoy it!!

  • jjpennies: March 27, 2016

    Now that’s a great post! I have been wondering about getting a unlined jacket as summer is almost here. I usually take a 42 regular however I am a athletic figured person. Which jacket do you recommend? I would be looking for a blazer or solid jacket….unlined. Thanks!

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