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Advice On How To Wear The 3 Piece Suit

Posted on April 22 2016

We've had many questions about our suitings online. Particularly the three-piece suit which is very popular with our bespoke service. Below is a article that beautifully articulates the many different ways of pulling off the three-piece suit. One thing to note that's not described here is the variations of vest styles. Mostly, shown here, are five button vests and that is the most popular. However, you may also consider the three button with a shawl collar as it compliments any suit wether worn more casual or dressed. Enjoy! - GR

Every man’s first suit should be a navy suit—ideally a three-piece. Lighter shades of blue have also been trending the past few years and make a solid investment as well.

The styling tendency for a blue three-piece suit can lean toward the predictable, because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to see for decades. 

The great thing about blue—whether navy or a lighter shade—is that it pairs well with virtually any other color. Spring is right around the corner, so why not try a green tie?

A dark-brown three-piece suit is just about as classic a choice as navy or grey. It’s just as versatile though, with a lot less historical style baggage, which makes it more open to interpretation.

Perhaps a little more fashion-forward than a navy or grey three-piece suit, but every bit as elegant. 

Blue and brown play extremely well together. Choose various shades and patterns to mix together as a way to add layers of depth and interest to a solid-color suit. 

One way to tamp down the formality of a three-piece suit is with a carefully selected shirt-and-tie combination. 

A denim shirt and playfully patterned tie can easily take a three-piece suit from stuffy to a bit more relaxed.

When building a solid suit wardrobe, it’s important to think seasonally. For the late fall and early winter, consider investing in a tweed three-piece suit in grey or brown.

The devil is in the details. Add a lightweight silk scarf to a tweed suit for a perfectly sartorial and seasonal touch.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a three-piece suit into everyday wear is with what I like to call “the mixed three-piece suit.”

When investing in any suit, you’re looking for maximum versatility and being able to mix and match between suits. Pairing a blazer, vest, and pants from three different suits is an easy way to lessen the formality of a three-piece suit and make it appropriate for any situation. 



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