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Real Gents: A New Sartorial Generation with Joseph Hines

Posted on March 01 2018

The New Sartorial Generation 

Good morning Gents! How great it is to see this new generation of sartorialists to have a little more substance besides just taking pictures of themselves and looking pretty. 

My boy Joseph Hines ( @mr.jhines - Insta ) is an example of this. This kid has some serious skills. From his work with his blog to his speaking forums teaching young men how to dress & how to act as a gentlemen ( I think this is amazing and we need more of this ) and his enjoyment of life in general. Do you want to be an example to your community? Read up. I love what this guy is doing out there! - T.B. 

Firstly, when did you first start becoming interested in sartorial styling? 

I would have to say when I got to college. On my first visit to my alma mater Georgia southern, I was approached by a gentleman named Adam Haizlep who later went on to ask me if I wanted go apply to be apart of a program called Pathways to Success. It was an initiative geared towards incoming African American males on campus in which they would only select 30 and pair them with mentors on campus. Luckily, I was selected to be apart of the program and was then paired with a mentor. This was an extremely pivotal point for me, because all my mentors were either in grad school or about to apply for there PHD. Many of whom were also heavily involved on campus , but more importantly they almost always presented themselves with either a suit or a sportscoat and slacks. Being able to see people that looked like me dressing in such a manner and then being able to see the reaction and positive feedback they would receive by doing so left a very deep impression on me. It was at this time that I really began to get my interest piqued toward suiting.

Do you think sartorial fashion has helped you in any areas of your life personally? 

For sure. From job opportunities, to my first speaking engagement, to even traveling, sartorial fashion has definitely helped in my personal life. At the end of the day fashion is a form of communication and what you wear is silently telling your story to the other party whether you like it or not. So for me it was about taking control of what Im communicating both verbal and non-verbal and to me that is the power of not only fashion but menswear in particular. It’s made me more intentional in everything I do.

What is it that you do professionally / job ?

Currently I am a training manager at a menswear store. So styling, sizing, putting looks together for clients and teaching others how to do the same is my day to day.

What is Daily Simplicities and what is your mission with it? ( )

Daily Simplicities is a menswear blog me and my roommate from college Eric (Ig @ericisaustin) made in our Junior year  at Georgia Southern. At the time we felt like there was nobody our age who was doing menswear, let alone writing about it in a way that could relate to a younger crowd. It was actually very comical, all these kids applying to business school yet having no idea about business decorum. Even now I scratch my head as to why there is no curriculum involving professional decorum taught in college. However, going back to our main mission it is to provide simple yet comedic advise to men about menswear. While also inspiring others to find there own sense of style in the process.

Tell me a little bit about your style. Who are some of your fashion inspirations? 

I would say my style is a mix between contemporary and classic. I tend to do lots of muted and monochromatic looks with flairs of youthfulness such as wearing a pair of common projects, or Nike killshots with my suits. I absolutely love jackets that have patch pockets and that are unstructured as it gives me the perfect balance to be able to dress up but not come across too stuffy next to people my age. As far as fashion inspirations these are the following people I have looked to and the past year in no particular order, Jason Locust (@jaygats) Angel Ramos (@angelbespoke) Johan Salomonsson (@Mrsalomonsson) and Andreas Weinas (@andreasWeinas)

I was watching you play a ball on Insta. Your handles look a little weak... Did you play in High School & College ball ? 

Lol is that so? But yes, I did play basketball growing up and in high school which was a great experience I think in my 4 years there we lost less than 20 games


Who has the best style in your opinion in the NBA? Please don’t say Westbrook. 

Best style by far has to be Chris Paul. He is highly underated but has some of the best consistency I’ve seen of all the Nba players as his fits are always on point and actually fit him.

What’s your favorite outfit combo on your Instagram & why? 

Hmm that’s a tough one, but it would probably have to be the time where I did this all blue monochromatic look with this beautiful cable knit turtleneck. To me that’s some of my best work, because everything just made so much sense and the slight details were my favorite. To the glasses, the face of my watch also being blue to the band matching the color of my shoes that day, as well as the pocket square and even the fold. It’s by far one of my favorites.

Do you wear mostly tailored clothing or do you shop designer brands also?

95% of the time I’m only wearing things that re tailored mainly because im on the more extreme side of things when it comes to my proportions. Im 6”4 with 38 being my shoulders and my waist is at a 29 so often times the only things I can shop and not tailor are maybe jeans and regular T-shirts. Besides that, its either custom or tailored.


Where did you get your speaking skills at? 

I can definitely say it’s something that God has blessed me with. From the time I was little I can always remember myself speaking. However, I will say that my upbringing had a lot to do with honing the skill. Growing up as the youngest of 4 I always felt like I had to speak in order to be heard. So learning how to communicate was essential lest I be lost in the chatter and noise. Furthermore, being mixed and going to an all black school from kindergarten to middle school then transferring and going to a predominately white school taught me very early on the importance of communication. Not really being accepted in either setting early on I think forced me to either crawl in a hole and become quiet so I would never be noticed or to speak up until I was accepted. Those experiences and times I am extremely grateful for though because not only did they help groom me, but they allow me to pull from a broader range of emotion and perspective when speaking to others.


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