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A Secret In Fine Shirting Longevity

Posted on January 04 2017



Hello Gents! In this #gentworthy post we will show you the hidden secret to your shirt longevity while undergoing the cleaning cycle. This article is extremely beneficial to all of us who want to get more life out of our shirts. Enjoy! 

While we all want to clean clothes, there are better methods than dry cleaning. Shoddy dry cleaning can ruin a dress shirt. The process can damage the fibers and give whites a yellowish tint. Having your shirts laundered not only gets them clean without chemicals but doubles their life span. That's right, double! 

When laundering, specify that your shirts are to be hand ironed and with no starch which adds to the deterioration of your shirts and is never completely removed when washed. A lot of cleaners don't offer hand ironing, so shop around. If you prefer to launder your own shirts, machine wash them in lukewarm water with a non-bleach detergent and hang them to dry out naturally. 

When the shirts are almost dry, still damp rather, simply place on the ironing board and begin hand ironing your shirts. If the shirts are completely dry, then spray a light mist of water on the shirt before ironing. This ensures the breaking down of any hard creases while not damaging the shirt fabric. 

I must say that the latter is my daily routine and I am able to keep my shirts for years with many wears. I actually enjoy ironing. However, some dry cleaners will charge for just ironing your shirts as well. 

There's nothing worst than wearing a beat up and creased shirt. It surely doesn't help the mood! 

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