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Building Your Workwear Wardrobe

Posted on March 08 2017


It's always a pleasure working with a young man who is just starting out his career and is excited about the wardrobe building process and "yes", it's a process! Building out your workwear clothing doesn't have to be "plain Jane" boring with pieces that only resemble solid colors and basic tones. Yet, in the first phase of building out your wardrobe there will be a considerable amount of focus on"basics" building. Once you've got them covered, you can experiment with more color and patterns. 

Here is a look at the essentials to make sure your always ready for the office! 



The shirt should have a supporting role in one's outfit. It's a backdrop-utility is paramount to the advantages of being work wear ready. The idea is to keep the color simple and it will go with everything.

  • 1 plain white French Cuff
  • 1 plain blue French Cuff
  • 1 dark and light blue patterned
  • 1 ecru solid regular cuff
  • 1 plain white regular cuff
  • 1 blue regular cuff



Simple does it! 

  • 1 plain navy ( best on a white shirt ) 
  • 1 bold stripe
  • 1 subdued paisley or patterned tie 
  • 1 in blue ( lighter blue, subdued pattern ) 
  • 1 in red ( lighter red, subdued pattern ) 



Because you should never wear the same suit two days in a row! 

  • 1 solid navy two button suit ( Your most flexible investment ! ) 
  • 1 solid charcoal grey two button suit
  • 1 solid black two button suit ( Second most flexible investment ! ) 
  • 1 slightly patterned mid grey suit ( plaid or stripe, easy to wear with black or brown shoes ) 
  • 1 high shade blue ( kobalt ) 



Because shoes need a day off like suits 

  • 1 pair of plain black cap-toe oxford lace-ups, in calfskin. ( To get you through the day and well into the night. )
  • 1 pair of chestnut-brown, fine-cut wingtips. ( They go with everything except a black suit ) 
  • 1 pair of brown monk-strap shoes ( most versatile shade to go with all of your suits and to mix up the look ) 



A incredibly well chosen investment that will last for years! 

  • 1 navy, black or brown wool - knee length 


Take a look at your closet today. What do you need to fill in on to keep your wardrobe work wear ready? Do you see that your white dress shirts have yellow rings around the collar? Maybe that black suit has a hole in the sleeve and doesn't fit well. Maybe it's time to replace them! Take a look, freshen up and clean out the old. It's 2017 and it's time to always be work ready! 


As Always Thanks For Reading, 



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