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Heat Wave Wearables

Posted on June 26 2017

It's that time of the year again where South Florida is in the grip of a heatwave. A heatwave by a northerner's standards, anyway. Which basically means we have experienced temperatures above heat indexed 100 degrees  Fahrenheit for about a week or so. But that has not stopped people feverishly Tweeting about just how hot it is, or complaining to anyone who will listen about how hot it is, or Instagramming  shots of sun burned legs on boats, ice-cold cocktails and screenshots of the iPhone weather app indicating, yes, just how hot it really is!! 
Thankfully, the air conditioning is ramped up and working overtime and the office is equipped with an air-con system that makes our work environment positively fridge-like. It has afforded me the unique luxury of simultaneously moaning about how cold and hot it is. But, more importantly, it has allowed us to think with a cool head, especially while picking through the latest products available on the Gent Row site today.
As you can imagine, long sleeves, jeans and thick materials are all off the menu – so here are three items that will allow you to keep cool in public (without going shirtless).


Pete Huntington - Coconut ( NEW ) 
Robert Graham - Anish Short 
If you’re going to put anything on your skin in this heat that isn’t an ice cube, it had better be thin and lightweight & soft. So we feel this Pete Huntington button down – which is an exact cliche of what you would wear relaxing in the sun with a slight ocean breeze. The light weight cotton is incredibly light and breathable which makes it, crucially, very forgiving in the heat, which is of course the name of the game here. Try pairing that with some Robert Graham - Anish shorts and you’ll be cool as a cucumber.

T's & Skins 

Agave Vintage Slub Tee 
Zelli - Monza  Caiman Crocodile Driver 
Lighter still – in terms of fabric, at least – is this tee by Agave, who is famous for their supima cotton slub finishes like this one. A little more casual than our friend above, it has the texture which gives off a bohemian nautical vibe. In hot weather, you should wear the clothes for the situation you want to be in, not the situation you’re actually in. So you might well be sweating on a tube, but in your head you’re on a yacht off the Côte d’Azur... and if you really are on a yacht off the Côte d’Azur then having a pair of these Zelli Caiman Croc Drivers is definitely a plus!

Ocean Blue 

Gent Row - Super 130's Paisley Printed Unlined Soft Coat
Tateossian - RT Multi Bracelet 

If you want to be a bit bolder and perhaps a little more unstructured, in the heat, then try this Gent Row Printed Paisley Sport Coat. It's incredibly light without any canvas construction on the shoulders and chest. Some refer to the model as a "shirt jacket". The super 130's 200 gram fabric is a loose weave that promotes ventilation and rigidity from daily wear in the heat. If you want to keep your look on the smart side, pair with this Tateossian  light blue waxed cotton corded bracelet. 

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