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How to Build a Wardrobe That Best Reflects Your Style, Personality, and Intelligence

Posted on August 03 2016

It's always a pleasure helping a new younger client with building his wardrobe. I always suggest that one's wardrobe is like a pyramid. The 'basics' must be your base and backbone to the wardrobe and then as you grow, continue to add in the building blocks that suggest your intelligence, personal style and personality.  

When navigating your way around current trends and current the hot items of the season, make sure to keep your own 'Style IQ' in check. Let's face it, there are so many clothes and about 98% of them probably don't have the quality that will satisfy most ( more on this later ) . Continue to strengthen your 'Style IQ' like a muscle. This is only possible by learning about your styling choices from designers and with the help of bloggers, social media and other influencers, you can now learn about any and every kind of fashion inspiration instantly with a click of a button.

Your own intuition will guide you eventually as you subconsciously keep personal inventory of your wardrobe in your head and your developing Style IQ will surely guide you through the massive waters of menswear fashions. 

Below is great advice given from the OTC on how to build out your wardrobe to reflect your style, personality & intelligence : 

Suggestion #1: Learn to distinguish quality.

Don’t be a cynic, which Oscar Wilde famously described as, “someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” It takes time and education to develop distinctions which help one to identify and select items with which to build a quality-focused wardrobe.

Suggestion #2: Train and develop your eye.

Shop, look, read, observe, and listen. This approach will save you more money and provide you with more value than a lifetime of off-price merchandise you do not need and really does not work for you in the first place.

Suggestion #3: Buy less and buy the best.

The greatest value of having what you want is having what works best for you. For example, selecting clothing in the color palette that works for you will provide you with a greater number of combinations and require fewer, but better, pieces. Spending more on a single, well-made and well-fitted garment, will in the long run save you money, time, and frustration.

Suggestion #4: Ask!

Many people, especially men, believe they will appear foolish if they appear – or are – ignorant about something and will often refuse to ask for help. Nonsense! Asking is the most efficient way to get the information you need to make a decision. Asking for help or clarification about something you do not understand is also a sign of confidence and intelligence. At the very least, not asking is foolish because it is also expensive.

Suggestion #5: Find a salesperson who wants to help you.

Pick out the stores which have the merchandise you like and develop a relationship with a salesperson there who will work with you and coach you. But remember that this is both a business and a professional guidance relationship; you’re not trying to get adopted. You are trying to make intelligent purchases. A good salesperson will be someone you like and who enjoys developing you into a good client. This relationship will be invaluable to both of you.

Suggestion #6: Taking care of your investment.

Brush woolen clothing with a boar-bristle brush. The tips of the bristles in plastic brushes are cut on an angle that cuts the fibers of your clothes.

A proper steaming and pressing is preferable to frequent dry cleaning. When dry cleaning is necessary, choose the best cleaner, one whose plant is on the premises and is likely more expensive.

To maintain their shape, keep shoe trees in your good shoes. Run-down heels are bad for your image (as in, “run down at the heels”); bad for your ankles, knees, hips, back, and posture; and will force your shoes out of shape. Polish shoes regularly with a moisturizing cream and occasionally with paste wax. Occasionally, because high polish paste wax clogs the pores of the leather. Silicone sprayed on the welt, where the uppers are sewn to the soles, will help to prevent water damage if you have to walk in in rain or snow. Also, having a thin rubber sole glued to the bottoms when new will greatly reduce leather sole wear in wet and dry weather.

In essence, remember that everyday personal style is the technique to express your own personality and intelligence visually. You then will acquire a certain taste level that is pure and will flourish as you age into your own life journey. 

If you need help your own wardrobe, feel free to reach out at 

Always Best In Style, 

Tim Beasley 


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