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Watch Care : A Lesson

Posted on January 14 2017


 Hello Gents! In this simple post, we are going into the specifics of wristwatch care. There are some timepieces for all occasions and some are very rare. As the saying goes, " time is money " and when buying luxury timepieces that slogan could never be any truer. So with this piece, I hope to bring you some basic knowledge of the two types of commonly purchased timepieces and a understanding on how to care for them. What good is it to have a great wristwatch but it doesn't work? Take a little time and read this !  Enjoy! - TB


The Two Common Types of Timepieces 

Mechanical - A timepiece whose movement is powered by a mainspring connected to a system of gears, wheels and weights. The hands of mechanical watches move smoothly around the face. However, because of the high number of moving parts, they gain or lose a few seconds per day and about one hour per year in accuracy. Mechanical watches involve a high degree of craftsmanship and inhabit the upper echelons of watchmaking. 

Quartz - Unlike a mechanical watch, a quartz watch has fewer moving parts and is regulated by an electrified silver of quartz which vibrates at a constant rate when charged. It is inexpensive to make and exceedingly accurate, losing on average only one minute of accuracy per year. A quartz movement can be identified immediately by following the movement of the watch's hands, which jump from second to second instead of sweeping fluidly like those of mechanical watches. 

Simple Watch Care Pointers

  • Get Your mechanical watched serviced at a good repair shop ever few years. Professionals will strip down the movement, clean it with ultrasound equipment, oil the works, tighten or change the waterproof joints, and polish the case. Find an authorized shop through your brand's web site.


  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme heat or cold. That means removing it before entering saunas or snowball fights!  


  • Watches with leather straps shouldn't be worn everyday. They need to be aired out between wears so that the leather can dry from natural skin moisture. 


  • Change the batter on your quartz watch every three years. Ignore this benchmark and your battery could start leaking acid, corroding the interior of your watch. Then it will no longer work. 


  • Even if your watch is self-winding , wind it once every few weeks to keep the wheels in motion and the oils fluid. 


  • There is nothing wrong with a watch that can be cured by shaking the hell out of it! 


The right timepiece can be and indicator of sophistication, style and status. Some even splurge for the diamond encrusted bling to make sure everyone notices the " pimp " in the room. Which ever your taste, use this simple Watch Care Guide to help navigate your way around any bad experiences. I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I did! 

As Always, Thank you for reading! 
- TB


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