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How To Make Bold Prints Work For You

Posted on May 24 2017


 Summer time is the easiest time to show your individuality. Designers always have their most colorful prints within their collection during the spring and summer. We've all seen the guy wearing the incredibly daring bright and bold paisley shirt that you know you'd notice three years later if you saw it again. 

Individuality is the way we mark ourselves out from the crowd; it is the thing that makes what we are wearing just that little bit better than what someone else is wearing. 

More often than not it’s the little touches that make the biggest impact. Darkening the toe on your brogues, wearing a bold pocket square, a pop of color on the wrist; these minor distinctions will stick in people’s minds.


Try to walk down any street today and I bet you will see atleast one printed shirt. It's almost impossible today to not see someone wearing one. The 'bold print scene' is a menswear favorite. They display a statement of confidence and zest for life Today we have a huge variety available at every price point at the moment there really isn’t a reason not to get involved.

Print items make for great statement pieces; they don’t really require much forward planning and they simply replace something more restrained. A personal favorite is the print shirt – easy to wear and anchor and ridiculously simple to incorporate into almost any existing outfit.

 Here are some popular Printed Shirts at the moment : 

( click the shirt to see in store )

Stenstroms | Multi Colored Floral Shirt 

How To Wear : Wear with a solid toned pant such as a denim or cotton five pocket that pulls out one of the colors in this shirt. Because there is so much boldness displayed in this shirt, it's best to pair with a solid toned down pant. You could do the same with a pair of shorts ---> { CLICK HERE }   


 Tarcisco | Cotton Voile Sport Shirt 

How To Wear It: There are so many options with this shirt as it has neutral tones as well as blue & black. Again pair this shirt with and solid toned khaki or tan color, light blue, brown for fall and black for evening. 


Age of Wisdom | Marti Kat Hawaiian - Coral 

How To Wear It: Easily pair this shirt with white pants and is strongly suggested as a summer casual look. This shirt actually is a short sleeve so white shorts are also game. Bold prints look more pronounced with a white playing field and white pant pairing. 

Robert Graham | Limited Edition Samo Sport Shirt 

How To Wear It : This is a NEW SS17 Limited Edition and it actually has alot of spacing between the prints. What does this mean? With this shirt, it's ok to wear a pant or trouser that has a very tight pattern. For instance, a tonal houndstooth check in black or navy blue. Spacing allows for more pattern pairings though it's not really needed. 



Eton | Palm Tree Print Melange Sport Shirt 

How To Wear It : Here is a unique pattern that is incredibly bold and only two colors. The background is more of a egg shell with a bright blue floral design. So what would go with this? Firstly consider your neutral 'safe zone' denims. Also, the egg shell color pairs beautifully with a lighter grey pant. Of course, you can wear white or matching colored bright blue pants as well. 


It doesn't matter how bold or how busy your print shirt is; just know that with the right pant pairing is the key to making sure your emphasizing your outfit in a way that screams " I know what I'm doing " ! I hope you've enjoyed this piece and please feel free to comment or reach out for any questions. Enjoy your bold prints and enjoy the day! 

As Always, Thank You For Reading




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