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How To Wear A Oxford Shirt

Posted on September 21 2016

The oxford shirt is a staple of menswear shirtings ever since the dawn of the dress shirt more than 20 years ago. Today oxford cloths come in many colors and is perfect for the fall and winter months because of it’s heavier weight and density. However, it can also take you through any event and through any season. The possibilities are essentially endless with this timeless classic. Before we dive into " How to wear it" , lets tell you what the Oxford shirt is. 


What Is An Oxford Dress Shirt?

Defined strictly by the oxford weave, a basket-weave pattern that combines two yarns woven lengthwise against a heavier yarn crosswise (oftentimes in a different color to give it a distinctive pattern), or vice-versa, the oxford shirt is easily recognizable. Although some of these shirts are now made with other synthetic fabrics, the look and essence of the original oxford is still present. Oxford shirts frequently, but not always, have button-down collars conveying the classic style of it’s origins.


Some Ways On How To Wear the Oxford


Modern Americana 

Get the Brooklyn look with rolled limbs and textured shoes and shirt. The oxford button down is a smart way to dress casual with slim jeans and suede shoes


Fall Sartorial 

Pair your oxford shirt with the hottest suiting color of the season. Heavier flanneled suiting fabrics such as this one pairs well with the textured nature of the oxford shirt. The slim tie pairs well with the button down collar as well. 


South Florida Maven 

When winter is over, start thinking tan, khaki and other lighter shades in suitings. The oxford shirt has incredible year round versatility. Ready for the beach? Take your cotton tan suit and walk downtown Miami!


Summer Hip Short Sleeves

Get the west coast with white chucks, rolled jeans and a short sleeve oxford shirt. Sip your Starbuck and wait for that next bang out wave in the pipe. 




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