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The Seersucker Revival

Posted on June 21 2017

 The time of year is here where we search for the most versatile and  comfortable fabrics to wear and battle the heat of summer. It's  incredibly important and needed especially during the hectic traveling lifestyle of a dandy. I think it's time to introduce the revival of the seersucker and we're making plenty of it! Currently, we make them in suits, trousers, sport coats & suits. The no wrinkling and breathable characteristics has proven to be one of the most popular choices of the season. 

The seersucker suit isn’t for every man. But if you think you might enjoy wearing one, you should go for it. It takes a little confidence and a lot of  sense of humor to pull one off. You'll be cool as a cucumber and in a room full of black, blue and grey you’ll be the one getting the last laugh.

Take a look at one of our new seersucker collections that's we now offered from our partners at Scabal.  



Brand new from Scabal this season comes Seersucker, a collection that leads the revival of this traditional and much-loved summer cloth.

Woven in 3 cool cotton designs that are as handsome as they are functional, this cloth is perfect for a blazer or the shop coat styles that have resurfaced in boutiques across the globe.

The first cloths of this collection are playful ginghams (which you may also know as vichy) in sky blue, sea green and orange, to name but a few. Seersucker’s second selection is depicted in traditional thick stripes and colors, including navy and garnet, which gives any garment an on-trend, instant vintage aesthetic.

Finally, we find chic soft-blends in blue and black that are perfect for a relaxed evening setting or more formal garden-party. This collection is essential for the man who prefers a vintage or fashionable work-wear inspired aesthetic.


( gingham check seersucker ) 

Without stating the complete obvious, textured accessories such as ties and pocket hanky go great with the unassuming bubbly characteristics of the timeless seersucker. For instance, see our silk knit tie below: 


Here's a little history of the seersucker style: 

  • The origin of the term Seersucker traces back to the Persian words: šir o šakar, meaning milk and sugar. This is referring to the rough and smooth stripes of the material in comparison to the textures of milk and sugar.
  • Seersucker was popular in the British Colonial period in warm British colonies such as India.
  • It was originally thought of as a poor man’s suit and was considered working class fabric worn by labourers (such as railroad workers or standard oil gas attendants). The Seersucker material helped to keep them cool, was cheap to produce, and was often worn in a Hickory Stripe style (dark blue).
  • In 1909, Joseph Haspel used the fabric to create a more formal suit which would appeal to gentlemen looking to wear suits in hot climates.
  • It wasn’t until the style was adopted by Princeton students in the 1920’s that seersucker suits really went mainstream. Worn first as an act of reverse snobbery by those 1920’s hipsters, it wasn’t long before others followed suit and soon the Seersucker Suit was declared ‘a badge of affluence,’ by columnist Damon Runyon (1945).
  • In the US today there’s even a national day devoted to them – yes, National Seersucker Day. It began in 1996 and ran for 16 years. It has since been revived in 2014.

Regardless of how you decide to style your Seersucker Suit, the key to making an instant impression and maintaining your cool is wearing it with confidence. It’s a piece designed to be worn for pleasure – it’s playful and functional and will certainly bring out your inner Gent.

So Gent's, what are you waiting for? Step out of the shade, release your inner dandy, and embrace the ultimately cool (in more ways than one) Seersucker style.

As Always, Thank You For Reading

Want to see our full collection of Seersucker?  Suits, Sport Coats, Trousers, Shorts, Button Down Shirts




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