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A Job Interview Guide : Interview Dress For Success

Posted on July 07 2016

 It may be your time and your chance to enter the incredibly competitive job market. As the hiring process continues to become more and more difficult, it's crucial to make sure that you are able to control your what the hiring party instinctively thinks about you within the first minute of meeting you. The guide below 

At a formal job interview, one of the things you want to project is confidence. This is best accomplished if you use the thick, wide and triangular Windsor Knot to tie your tie. The thickness is a bold statement that exudes confidence and you need to compliment it with the words and actions during the process. Not everyone is exactly naturally confident at this. However, first impressions are crucial.

Take a look below on how to tie the Windsor Knot:


However, while the tie knot is a very important aspect of your job interview attire, your overall appearance is even more important. Hence, it is important to understand what makes up your entire conservative job interview dress that is still the standard in most corporations.

The following list should give you a good idea of how to dress for a job interview:

  • Suit: A more traditional,conservative, two-piece dark grey or a dark blue business suit would be the ideal suit to wear on the day of your job interview. Mostly because it's the type of coloring that's not opinionated. 
  • Shirt: A white or blue, long-sleeved dress shirt that is neatly pressed and has a good fit is recommendable. Stick with a moderate spread or cutaway collar for more flair that remains tasteful. 
  • Tie: First choice is a solid colored, non-distracting, conservative dark necktie made from 100% silk. 
  • Tie accessories: A classic silver tie bar ensures that your tie is held in place during the interview. Using one keeps you from adjusting your tie several times during the interview, which will make you look nervous.
  • Shoes: Clean and polished conservative dress shoes, black or brown lace-ups if possible, would be your best choice. Styles include wingtips and monk-straps. 
  • Socks: Dark socks, black if possible, would be ideally suited. Typically, try to match the same contrast as your trousers. 
  • Belt: The belt should match the color of your shoes, so go with black or a brown one if possible as these are more neutral and less opinionated 
  • Hair: Make sure that you get a well-groomed hairstyle before the interview. Be aware that short always fares best in interviews. Make sure to shape up around your ears and in the back of the neck.
  • Beard: A beard must be manicured and well groomed. Your trying to get a job here!
  • Mustache: Same as the beard, just make sure it is neat and trimmed.
  • Fingernails: Ensure that they are manicured and clean. If your biting your nails then try to get them fixed. It's a tell tale sign of anxiety. 
  • Rings: Wedding or college rings are generally acceptable but other rings are not.
  • Earrings & piercings: Depending on the 'job', earrings and visible body piercings should be taken out on the day of the interview. Especially if your bosses are much older than you are. Some older generations have strong opinions about piercings. 
  • Body odor & fresh breath: Take a shower. Use deodorant. Brush your teeth and maybe take a breath mint before you go into the meeting but not during. 
  • Perfume & cologne: Keep perfume and cologne to a minimum. In fact, it's probably best not to use any. 
  • Briefcase: Take along a briefcase with a notepad and a pen for any notes you may have to take during or after the interview. 


Using this checklist will ensure your chances of getting hired if the hirer is subject to value appearance more than actual credentials. It's still up to you to know what your talking about and represent yourself with the proper rhetoric. In the end, you are interviewing for your future so every additional effort that sets you apart from your competitors will benefit you greatly. Showing up to the starting line prepared goes much further than not. 

Consider putting all your clothes on the day before the interview to get an idea of the “big picture”, especially if you are not used to wearing formal clothes. In that case, it is better to feel a bit awkward the day before the interview than on the day itself.

If you are interested in some more tips concerning your job interview, then please feel free to shoot us a line at 



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