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Proper Use of the Electronic Talking Device

Posted on September 04 2018

Dude, seriously....

Ok Gents, let's just cut to the chase with this Proper Gent Post. 

I understand just as much as anyone about how our relationships & business depends on today's connectivity via text, social media, calls, facetime & emails. It's amazing the tools we have today to reach the people we need to connect with. 

But at the same time, have we forgotten how rude and annoying this is to others around us? 

Do people just not care about how annoying it is to be at dinner with your wife, who maybe have kids and don't have the luxury of going out often get interrupted with the sound of NSYNC'S ringtone of " BYE, BYE, BYE " during an intellectually intimate moment ??! How about when your actually talking with someone and they are looking down at their phone lacking eye contact. I think it's time to whip this "un-GentWorthy" habit into shape. 

Here are some Proper Gent Rules to bring you back to Earth: 

1) Turn Off the sound and flip your phone to the back side ( not showing the screen ) when your in the company of another living, breathing person who expects you to be fully engaged with him or her. Especially during a moment with your significant other or with a client. Just to inform those reading, if your trying to sell me something and I've scheduled time to see you, while  your looking at your phone being unattentive and operating at a low, lazy, non-enthusiastic level then I will be sending you an invoice for waisting my time. If not paid then will also put you into collections if not paid. 

2) If you are to forget rule one, then simply turn off the ring and do not answer the call, text, email, Facetime, twitter message, Instagram message, Facebook Poke etc...etc...etc... Why waist other people's time? 

3) No one wants to hear your conversation in public. Go somewhere else if you must talk. Simple go outside or somewhere private to handle your biz.

Continue to build your relationships with your upmost one on one attention. Show them that you care. Further, quit annoying the hell out of me and everyone else in the room while trying to sound important, literally screaming into your phone so everyone can hear that you just leased a Honda. 

Proper Up Gents ! You'll be surprised in the results when you do! 

Always Best in Style, 



Founder of and owner of this blog. Currently has the luxury of writing what he wishes and to talk about anything at any given time and day. 


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