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Style Definition : Straight-Laced

Posted on September 27 2018

What are straightlaced shoes?

There are several ways, maybe millions of different ways to lace a shoe with six pairs of eyelets. In this article I want to go over one of the most popular and classic, the straightlaced. 

So what are straightlaced shoes and it's meaning. Simply put, its the method of which the shoes are tied. 

Straightlaced shoes like the ones offered on Gent Row above are the neatest and most classic gentlemanly look offered today. The way that the laces are run through the eyelets are in a way in which the the ends come out the bottom of the upper two eyelets. 

A proper definition with historical reference is " A method of fastening shoes and other garments with laces that bind two separate pieces by spanning them straight across rather than in a crisscross pattern. A common technique used by europeans to lace their shoes, it results in a tighter stronger binding" - Wiki 

So why exactly use the straightlaced method? For starters as seen in this wiki definition, the straightlace method is a tighter binding and is widely used throughout all military forces around the world. I personally like the straightlaced method as well with all of my shoes and high performance runners. 

It's my favorite : 

Classic, comfortable & functionally optimized to withstand any performance goals how could you go wrong? 


As always, Thanks for reading! 

Always Best in Style, 



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