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Real Gents: Style Over 50 - A lesson from Andy Poupart

Posted on February 14 2018

Real Gents: Andy Poupart

We are very fortunate to have gents like Andy in the sartorial world. He describes himself as a aging baby boomer striving to drink life to the lees and not to rust unburnished! Here is a man who is clearly doing the things he wants and his handmade clothing provides him with happiness. I was lucky to ask him a few questions about his style and style advice for men who may feel past their prime. 


Firstly, how old are you and when did you first start becoming interested in sartorial styling?

I’ll be 61 in April. I’ve been interested in clothing all my life, but my expression of my interest in tailored clothing and what you’re calling sartorial styling started in earnest about 5 or 6 years ago. I had lost quite a bit of weight due to a change in lifestyle and I needed to rebuild my wardrobe. I’d always wanted to have a suit made by a Savile Row tailor, so I started to research that idea. In a sense, I decided to express a side of my personality that had been dormant for many years.

Is there a particular outfit combination seen on your Instagram that you like the most?

I think I look my best in black tie. So any of my black tie combinations could be a favorite. My ivory dinner jacket would be my first choice, followed closely by my red Thai silk dinner jacket.

 What would you say your wardrobe balances between ready made clothing & custom clothing? And which designer brands do you prefer?

No. I wear virtually nothing that is ready to wear. My corduroy trousers are RTW. All my suits, jackets, all my other trousers are bespoke. Most of my shirts are bespoke, the rest are made-to-measure. Some ties, some shoes are ready-to-wear. All my knitwear is ready-to-wear, now that I think about it.There are no brands that are what I think of as “designer” brands that I either wear or prefer. I like Drake’s for quite a few accessories. Simonnot-Godard for pocket squares. Most of my ready-to-wear shoes are by Edward Green.

 Do you have any style advice for men your age who need help with tailored clothing?

Dress your age. Don’t try to emulate the style of younger men as it won’t make you look younger. Decide what works for you or look around and see what you like on other people and emulate that look. Ask questions. Above all, stay in shape. Clothing of any type looks better on people who are reasonably fit.

Do you think tailored clothing has helped you in any areas of your life that’s meaningful?

Well, wearing tailored clothing makes me happy. So, in a sense, it helps me be true to who I perceive myself to be or want to be. It has not conferred any advantage in my career, though, if that’s what you mean. We do often get better treatment in restaurants, hotel, and while traveling, so there’s that!

I see that you post images of your wife also. Has this become a competition between you two?

No, not at all.

How would you describe your overall style preferences?

I believe my style is mostly a traditional English tailored look, perhaps with some flourishes. I love color and I’m not afraid to wear a red dinner jacket, say, or a cream linen double-breasted suit.> Once again thank you for taking the time to be featured. If you feel like you would like to add anything about yourself then please let me know in the response.I dress entirely to please myself and my wife. Clothing and style are fun for us and allow us a form of self expression. But it is not the only thing in our lives. Family comes first and then there are many other interests that keep us busy.

You can find Mr. Poupart on Instagram @styleafter50 . We love his passion for the tailored clothing art and his style. Make sure to give him some love on Insta! 


Always Best in Style, 



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