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The Casual Suit - Style Tip

Posted on April 04 2017

 ( The Casual Suit Strong Stance - Manchester, England
If a man's wardrobe is his arsenal, suits are the heavy artillery. They can make a businessman into a boardroom general and a bookish type into commanding presence. Still, most men's suits spend most of their time in the closet, waiting to be rolled out only for special occasions.
However, the casual suit is popular phenomenon within different parts of the world including the USA. As seen above, Boglioli's soft construction casual suit serves for extreme versatility and comfort for virtually any occasion. The casual suit is especially useful for special occasions like dating.  Women want to know that you are versatile. But, in order to make a more casual look work, tailoring and fit must be spot on! 
The best part of having a versatile casual suit is the ability to break it down and wear it with different pairings. One simple rule, never change more than two elements of the look. For instance, to keep balance, you can swap out the pants for some dark jeans and lose the tie, but keep the leather dress shoes. Or if you want to wear sneakers with dark jeans under your suit jacket, keep the tie in place to balance out the casualness of the rest of the look. When all else fails, wear an nice watch, which can make up for missteps elsewhere.
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