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The Timeless Details of Corporate Power Dressing

Posted on October 19 2016

Yesterday we received a very good question regarding dress attire for corporate jobs. I dress many CEO's and high profile gents daily, but I've rarely gotten a question about how one must dress when in the corporate ranks. 

Why would this be important? Dressing properly while in the public eye of those who work for you can have many benefits. It can make the difference from a 50% work effort to a 100% work effort from your employees. That extra 50% could equal double revenue! Sound interesting? Keep Reading...

I often reflect to my time in military boarding high school. There I learned the importance of my appearance and how it reflects the views of my peers around me and yet, we all wore the same uniform. Our lifestyle consisted on several things but mostly maintaining our equipment and personal appearance. Those with higher rank were highly scrutinized. I was never big on achieving higher rank because the duties would interfere with my track training but I was always obsessed with shining my shoes, making sure my shirt was tightly tucked in, my trousers were always on my hips, cleanly shaved daily and never did I ever have one wrinkle on my clothing. 

What did this grant me? Everything that could be achieved in military boarding school. What did I learn? Appearance is more than half the battle when playing the daily game of life. 

I learned many lessons during my days in military boarding school as a high schooling prep. It was apparent, that even without the fancy rank, my peers looked up to me because of my superior dress standard.

So I ask you, why not dress to the same level and get that subconscious approval from your peers? 

How this relates.....

You may be the "higher ranking officer" now in your own business or maybe a newly appointed employee. Take advantage of the timeless styles below to get that extra leverage in the corporate game! 

Go Timeless - Strong, Stability & Superior Confidence 


The wider and more pronounced the stripe, the bolder the power statement. A wide chalkstripe, like this Hickey Freeman Tasmanian , projects confidence, professionalism, and importantly, experience.


Medium Spread + French Cuff 

The white shirt with french cuff is an essential item in every man’s wardrobe. This style adds a sophisticated appearance and superiority to your look. 


Cufflinks That Kill on Detail ( SHOP IT ) 

Nothing says I'm a seasoned professional like a killer pair of cufflinks. These are ideal for those who favor wearing classic patterns and luxurious two tone accessories. ( 18 K Gold Weave ) 


Exotic Leathers ( SHOP IT ) 

Nothing says “I got success” more than a pair of exotic leather shoes. As beautiful as they are, don’t go asking for a discount, or a tip, wearing a pair of alligator skins.


The Power Tie 

Try to get a tonal bold stripe like this Italo Ferretti satin tie to show your boldness in times of distraught. The statement adds a sense of stability and comfort to those who work with you and for you. 

Good luck on your spot on the ladder!


Thanks for reading. 

Always Best In Style, 

Tim Beasley 



As always, feel free to reach out at ! 





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