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There Is Not A "Right" Way To Wear Relaxed Fit Chinos

Posted on July 29 2016

Let's face it, anything goes in fashion! WELL, except relaxed fitting chinos! This article is in response to GQ's article, " The Right Way to Wear Relaxed Fit Chinos by Megan Gustashaw " . Have an opinion? Comment & Share ! 

Today, in the real world, my world, men are testing the boundaries of trim seats and legged pants with short front rises to pull off that more modern "on trend" look. It's not for everyone of course, but almost everyone I encounter wants to be part of the slim & trim team.

Now in other parts of the world, particularly London, British singer Olly Murs ( great music btw ) was spotted and recorded by GQ in the Relaxed Fit Chino as seen below:

Megan beautifully explains the look here : 

" Murs is an average height, solid-build guy, which is the ideal body type for this silhouette. If you've got big thighs, or are stocky all over, you're going to love wearing these pants. They give you room where you need it, without drowning you in excess fabric. "

Megan is almost 100% correct ( to me - what do I know ) with her observation and I do agree that Murs is the ideal body type to make this flooding ankles mom-jean-in-a-chino catastrophe happen. But..... please.....please..... keep it in London! Luckily I haven't seen it in the States yet. Does anyone agree the tight tee with 70's rolled short sleeves doesn't look so hot with this flowing safari pants?

My take on this : 

Stay on trend Gents!

For now stick to the trim yet comfortable cotton chino. If your a little thick and pudgy like Murs above, then stick to a chino that provides you the room in the rise, seat thigh and is tapered from the knee down to the ankle. It's more slimming, more put together and overall just looks so much better in the silhouette. People will take you more seriously and the girls love it. Ask Meghan yourself! I'm absolutely positive of it! 

Check out this Meyer trouser with a 3 inch trimmer cut from the knee down to the ankle. This achieves the on trend look I'm referring to while offering the regular rise and enough room in the crotch and thigh for the thicker man.


This modern Chino in the sporty, slim Chicago model gives a perfect silhouette. Comfortable trousers with special fabric print in beautiful summer blue. The fresh image is finished by a coordinating inner lining and matching belt. The two-tone effect means the trousers can also be worn rolled up. The cotton inner lining has a lighter colour - a perfect finish to the light blue stitching.


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