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What Big Men Can Learn From The Papa Bear of Men's Fashion

Posted on July 18 2017

It’s not easy being a big Gent with style.

Clothes off-the-rack don’t fit, shopping is a pain, and compromises have to be made all across the wardrobe selections.

That said, it can be done, with style and grace. My man @thebigsartorialist (real name Dan ) proves that a gentleman can be sharp, full of bright colors and handsome no matter his size or shape – with the right knowledge of menswear.

If your a big man and you want to dress well then you should take a sip of coffee and pay attention! 

Here are a few things you can pick up by observing Dan in action.


Time and time again we here old school clothiers talk about "hiding" and downplaying a big man's size with conservative-darker-colors. Not for Dan. He clothing embraces his size, showing off brighter palates of color that makes him more inviting to talk to and be around. Not to mention, pulling off the vest. You big men get hot very easily, so make sure you're picking a light weight breathable fabric. No matter the cut or silhouette, embrace color.



If your wearing up to size 50 inches in suiting jackets then don't waist your time trying to purchase something off the rack. Same goes for mens who wear a size 19 inch and up neck. You need special attention and the detail will distinguish you as a big man of control and confidence. Also, sad to say, since we work with so many designers; that the menswear industry really doesn't cater to the correct fit of bigger men. So it's totally useless trying to shop off the rack and trust me, if your thinking "Big & Tall" or XL Male stores... then you'll be very disappointed. 

Top of the Morning To You

There is only one other type of person that benefits from having a top hat and that's men without hair or bald men. Dan has killed two birds with one top hat in that regard. The top hat is a great accessory that buffers the overall look to make any suiting choice more distinguished. Well played sir! 

Mind The Details 

It doesn't matter how big you are, learn to accessorize the details. Dan shows you how to pair light blue different palates of pink. Great combination that has you in awe of his style. Seriously, have you ever seen a big guy like this pulling this off?? He does it well with pulling off the details. 



Yes this was for the 4th of July. Big men have little problems like keeping their socks and pants up. Notice Dan wearing suspenders and sock garters to solve this problem. Dan chooses to wear these in complete compliance to detail. As he should! Well done! 


Dan is a perfect example of how to pull of color if your a bigger man. Let's go through a few pointers before you start building out your own "Big Gent Wardrobe".

  1. Make sure you pick the right fabrics. As a big man, you sweat and your hard on your clothes because more weight is being pushed onto the fabric while sitting. So, make sure your picking fabrics that are lighter in weight, more resilient ( such a mohair or travel series fabrics where the fabric is woven incredibly tight for a natural bounce back ) If you have questions about it, then just ask us in this post or email us. 
  2. Make sure your getting your clothes made. Don't even waist your time shopping off the rack for suiting and shirtings if your size exceeds 48 inches. Do the right thing and get it made for yourself. It doesn't have to take long, our quickest delivery on custom made clothing is only 2 weeks!! 
  3. Consider different trouser fit options. If you have a belly, like Dan then there are different types of trouser fits you should be aware of. Knowing this may eliminate the usage for suspenders also. Ask us about it! Another post on this soon. 
  4. Find the right clothier that deals with big people.  Yes, that's right. Find a beginning mentor and don't go at this alone. You can always give us a shout also by email ( ) or call ( 754.223.6535 ) or even our live chat at the bottom right hand corner of this screen. It's important to find a real specialist to help you choose the right selections for your wardrobe especially in the beginning. You don't want wast your BBQ money do you? 

Feel Free to contact a clothier here 


As Always , Thank you for reading and following our rants! Do you have any sartorial Instagram start that you think is #GentWorthy? Let us know! 
Always Best In Style, 
Tim Beasley 



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