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What is Full Canvas, Half Canvas and No Canvas Suitings

Posted on November 15 2016


Q : 

I’m a recent follower and customer of your website and actually ordered a couple of your dress shirts recently. I’m in awe of your selection and am interested in some of your new fall suits and sport coats. However, I’m skeptical regarding the construction of some of the  suits/sports coats because i'm not familiar with all of your designers. I’ve collected a decent size collection of suits over the years, and all of them are fully canvassed. Everything I’ve read has affirmed that fully canvassed construction is superior in terms of fit, quality and durability. But I'm not exactly sure of all of the benefits. Any further information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. As stated earlier, I am interested in some of your products , but I want to ensure that said product is comparable to the other fully canvassed pieces I own. ~Ronald.



Ronald, Thank you for you business! Our suiting selections are either fully canvassed, half canvassed or nothing at all! Let me explain some of the differences for you. 

Full Canvas : The advantage of having canvas internals is that it serves to add dimensional shape to the garment since the canvas molds to your natural posture over time and it keeps the fabric around the shoulders/clavicals nice and smooth. Having a canvas in the bottom half of your jacket serves to give the front panels more rigidity and to enforce the garments silhouette.  

Half Canvas : This kind of garment is made using only canvas around the shoulders and chest. Most sport coats are made this way because these garments naturally look less "stiff" and dressed down. 

No Canvas - Boglioli is famous for this and there are other of course that offer this. We make them ourselves for clients. By far the most comfortable yet this type of construction is pure sport casual in the look. 


The conversation went much further resulting to his purchase of a sport coat & suit. It is also important to note that your personal posture and fit structure has a impact on selecting one of these canvas structures. For instance, an older man with frail, hollow shoulders can utilize a smaller shoulder point to point with full canvasing to add structure to the weak area. There are many more examples to go into further detail in my next post about Suiting Fits. 

I hope you enjoyed the info! Please reach out for my input at 

Thanks for reading. 

Always Best In Style, 

Tim Beasley 


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