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Planning Ahead for What to Wear to a Job Interview

Posted on July 05 2017

( Value your time and ' Plan Ahead ' - Schedule Your Custom Appointment Today ) 
One of my favorite go to lines is the reasoning for the choice to ignore the basics of your personal appearance and then continue to wonder why the track to success isn't as fast as you've envisioned. Just minding a few details can really catapult you to new results in all areas of life. One of the most important opportunities implement this is your own career path! 
Too many assume that when your ready to start interviewing then it's suddenly time to start shopping for the 'interview outfits'. Theres nothing more traumatizing than last minute purchase for one of the most important events in your newly started career! Going to your local menswear retail store and selecting the stiff 1950's style black suit just doesn't 'make the cut' for someone who wants to truly succeed in his career. On top of that, alterations take time, finding the shoes to go with might take even more time as well as the constraints of the shopping hours that the retail store might be restricting you to.
Sure! Your best bet might be to reach out to one of our Gent Style Gurus to help you select something on for quick last minute wardrobe purchase to ensure the right fit and look to achieve your desired result. However, the bottom line is that pulling this all together takes time and care if you want to do it right. 
So, do yourself a favor, plan ahead! Give yourself at least two weeks to shop and maybe a little longer if your going custom before your interviewing time. Let it be a lesson on 'planning ahead'. Throughout life, it will serve you well.
As Always, Thanks For Reading
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