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Where Can I Find An Affordable Wedding Suit?

Posted on May 30 2018

Ask A Gent: Where do I find an affordable wedding suit that I'll never wear again? - Ken M. 

Ah, love is in the air. I think you have many great things going for you in this relationship already Ken. Firstly, congrats on not going with the cheesy tuxedo rental and completely destroying your most cherished wedding photos to be remembered for years to come. Secondly, a summer wedding in my book is a great time to get married and if your looking for a summer suit that’s affordable and fits the spotlight of the groom then you’ve made the correct seasonal choice to get married. This is a great sign that your thinking with your finance hat on and trust me, this will be a much easier decision than your wife’s wedding gown!! Did you make the decision to get married in the summer right?

Let’s get to it! 

 I’m going to fix your question a little Ken. Let’s get #gentworthy here for a second and make this situation totally incredible. How about, we make this wedding suit affordable, give you the ability to wear it again and totally knock out the overall fit for your wedding pictures. Sound good? Let me break it down for you.

Want Cheap? 

Go with Linen or Cotton. Majority of the cost of your new wedding suit will be the cost of the material of which it’s made of. Linen and cotton fabrics are generally less expensive than any kind of wool fabrics. Granted, there are different qualities of linen and cotton and with lesser quality comes a harder more rigid hand ( the feel ). So, I suggest going with a slightly higher quality that will have a smooth hand and overall better look and this will maximize your value for your wedding suit.

Want Comfort? 

Stick with Linen. Have you ever witnessed a groom sweating while standing at the altar waiting for his bride? Give yourself a break and select a linen suit. Why? Linen is woven with a technique that is finished much looser than cotton or wool. This means you will feel a breeze while wearing it if there is one as there is more ventilation through the loose fabric weave. The comfort factor of wearing linen during the summer far surpasses the comfort of any tighter woven fabric. Also, to maximize this delicacy, make sure your linen suit jacket is unlined. This will help increase the ventilation and decrease the weight of the overall garment. The feeling is almost magical and will help with your dancing stamina later in the night when the party starts.

Lighter Shades equal Wearable Days 

 I made that up just now. But seriously, pick a lighter shade of coloring. If you want to pair the best coloring with your future wife’s wedding gown then just shoot over an email to us at or contact us in the chat in the right-hand corner of your screen. Khaki tan or lighter colors are easy to wear again even if you participate especially during “casual Fridays “ in the office. The best time to wear linen or cotton pants would be any casual elegant occasion or even a very casual occasion with flip-flops. The jacket? Show your beautiful bride that you care about how you look when you're with her and wear it on your summer brunch date by the beach. She’ll appreciate it and you’ll win some serious brownie points.


Tim Beasley

Founder of Gent Row

Image of Insta @jasonmizephoto photograph @d_mohns


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