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Why Most Men Suffer From Marshmallow Man Puffy-Shirt-Syndrome

Posted on April 06 2018

Time for the Anti-Puffy  ( Real Side Effects Seen Below )

When you have time, after getting dressed in your button down dress or sport shirt, make the time to take a hard look in the mirror. What do you see. Is it an average guy with Puffy syndrome??

This could be a reflection of how boring your life is and how your now living one with passion. A man or woman living a life of passion doesn't suffer from puffy syndrome. To elaborate, when your just living your life in the same ole routine, getting up and doing the exact same thing like a robot then your suspected to buy dress shirts off the rack like the rest of the robots out of convenience without the knowledge or care of how this is ruining your life. 

This is real talk, from real experience. I'm not making this up! I deal with clients daily who are low energy and are just unhappy with life. When your unhappy with life and when life isn't exactly the way you want it then you just ....... coast..... on a river of melted marshmallow..... and thus your internal state of mind starts to exude outwards into your clothing choices. Thus, Puffy the Marshmallow Man enters the room. 

Wait!! Let me read your mind: 

" Yeah whatever Tim , the reason my shirt is puffy is because I don't care about how I look. "  

" If I had "time" then I would spend it finding shirts that fit me better off the rack. " 

" If I had " more money " then I would buy some custom shirts. " 

" I'm married and I don't really care about what my shirt looks like. "

" I'm a old man and I don't have to worry about how I look " 

And the excuses go on... and on...and on... and on.... I could write a book on it. 

But the truth is, if your suffering from Puffy Syndrome then your wrong. See, Puffy Syndrome is not a matter of excuses of " why you don't care" or " why you don't have time " or " why you just can't ". Puffy Syndrome is a choice. The same choice you make when deciding to go for that candy bar for a snack and your wondering why you gained weight.Your excuse there is most likely, " I don't have time to work out " or " I'm under a lot of stress " or my favorite " I'm big boned " . The same choice of why " you don't have time " when you religiously watching Breaking Bad. Reeling this back now, the point is that all have excuses. The question is, do you buy into them or are you ready to start taking charge. 

Don't worry, Puffy Syndrome is curable. 

It starts with deciding to make the investment in yourself. Once you do that, I promise other great things start to happen for you. When you start investing in how you look, you will get a life-unlock to a whole new world of opportunities. Investing in yourself begins by loving yourself not to necessarily flaunt your new threads. It's about showing to those around you that you care and your living a life of passion and off the marshmallow river of "average". 


Take a look below. If any of these images looks like your shirts, then it's time to start that campfire and start roasting the Marshmallows. 

The side effects of Puffy Syndrome: 

Muffin Top

When a men's dress shirt isn't tailored properly through the torso and is then tucked in, all that extra fabric puffs out around the waist creating what most closely resembles the top of a muffin. This is the most prevalent—and in my opinion, the least pardonable—fit problem. #muffintop


That excess fabric billowing out from your back looks like it's catching wind (of what variety, we're not quite sure). It's not an elaborate escape mechanism—your shirt just isn't cut right for your frame. You and your profile deserve better. Your friends deserve better. Your wife deserves better. You deserve better. #parachute

Flying Squirrel

Who cares if your biceps qualify as noodles or guns? If you have an abundance of fabric around your armpit, the only thing we're thinking is “flying squirrel." This fit problem occurs when the armhole of the shirt is too large and the shirt is not tailored through the body. The resulting look is similar to the “wings" of a flying squirrel. #flyingsquirrel

Pirate Sleeve

When the sleeves of a dress shirt are cut too large, the excess fabric and space results in a draping effect reminiscent of 17th-century pirate garb. The problem is exacerbated when the sleeves are too long and the cuffs are buttoned. #piratesleeve

Are you suffering from Puffy Syndrome? Take it serious! Not doing anything about it leads to a boring, average life wasted away into a bitter stay at a lifelong vacation to the nursing home. 

If you inspired for change, and want the cure, contact us below and let's get the camp fire started! 


Always the best in style, 

Tim Beasley 

Time to go custom

Let's get your shirt game on the Purposeful Life Train! Contact us here to get you started! 


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