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As Spring approaches within a couple of months, I thought I'd let the discussion "air out" about sickles loafers. Anyone who appreciates style and good footwear love this style and rarely wear socks themselves. Personally I find going sockless more comfortable; I like the feeling of a good leather on my feet and, combined with no break hem, the ankle breeze provides a significant cooling effect...   READ MORE


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Spotlight: Edward Sexton Beyond The Cloth

One had the social cachet, the other a magic touch in the workshop, and together Tommy Nutter and Edward Sexton dragged Savile Row into the modern era, writes Tom Stubbs. Nearly half a century later, Sexton might be part of the establishment he once helped storm, but his maverick spirit... READ MORE

The Custom Process: a tutorial

The Custom Process: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BESPOKE, MADE-TO-MEASURE AND READY-TO-WEAR Tim Beasley - Founder We've had many questions about the differences of suitings process. At Gent Row, we offer all 3 processes and personally favor the bespoke model as it gives our clients more options & a closer fit that can... READ MORE

SPOTLIGHT: HENRY CAVIL superman is a patriot

Superman is back — and so is Henry Cavill, the quintessential British gent making the American icon his own. Cavill talks to our Editor about patriotism, the perils of Hollywood, and why Clark Kent’s alter ego is the hero we need in these bewildering times. It takes a Brit to play... READ MORE


In this Armory post, we'll take a look at one of Allen Edmonds' most popular Ankle Boots of the season called the

HIGGINS MILL BOOT WITH DAINITE SOLE . For us, it's been a incredibly popular to the Gent Nation and a tremendous asset to our wardrobes for the current winter weather we are having! I personally love the simplicity & quality of this boot I think after this review, you'll see why! Enjoy...... READ MORE


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