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Gent Row Ties

Silk tailored tie 418223-01

$ 170.46

Tailored tie in precious satin silk signed Italo Ferretti. Suitable for any situation, from work commitments to ceremonies, this product is one of a kind. The Italo Ferretti luxury ties are meticulously handmade in the headquarters of Silvi Marina, in Italy.


Italo Ferretti boasts several patents that make its fine unique and exclusive tailoring ties, with one of the highest quality standards in the world and comfortable like no other product. Thanks to the reinforcement applied to the tail, made of the same fabric as the tie, to the three additional seams and double flaps, the Italo Ferretti ties are much more balanced and stable. At the same time, the anti-crease stitching makes them perfectly smooth and regular under the collar. All Italo Ferretti ties, moreover, are equipped with the exclusive 'shuttle', a very ingenious special loop that keeps the tie in the correct position and makes the tie-bar completely unnecessary.



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